Author Topic: Holmegaard Cased Gulvase - Production Dates?  (Read 1604 times)

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Holmegaard Cased Gulvase - Production Dates?
« on: June 12, 2006, 08:46:44 AM »
I don't suppose anyone knows when Holmegaard stopped making the Gulvase, do they? I recently acquired a yellow on white one with a post Kastrup-Holmegaard label, but previously I've only seen them with the earlier blue & white K-H labels.

Was just wondering if production stretched into the early 1970's, or if this label has just been glued on? There's quite a bit of muck engrained around the edge of the label, so it's been there a while...

(apologies for the poor photograph - my display shelves are a bit of a dumping ground whilst the attic room is being created and my energy levels don't quite stretch to setting up my photo tent this early in the morning.  :lol:)




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