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Signed vase, dated 2000, who?


 As a new member, I'd like to thank you for allowing me to join in and hopefully from time to time I'll have some answers for those in need. I've been selling and collecting glass for 10 years and love finding glass treasures. Recently, I purchased a 7 inch contemporary art glass vase and would like to find out who the glass maker is. The vase is signed but I can't make out the spelling. The date below the name is 2000. Anyone? Thanks again,

Can you make out any of the letters? Which country/city did you find it?

I changed your post title to make it informative.

Hello Christine and Frank.
 Thanks for taking the time to help. The vase was purchased in Boston, MA. and the letters look like chicken scratches! LOL!  My eyes see; KATH--?  KWM?  MWN or MWN?
The glass makers work is wonderful but the signature is so poor, it's true identity may never be discovered.  Thanks again!  The search continues!


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