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hi all new here and need some help.

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hi there, i am new to this site and i must say i am impressed.
i wonder if there is anyone out there who can help me identify a vase, my nan passed away 3 weeks ago and i came across this vase and a few other pieces, my father was just about to throw it out when i decided to save it as i think it is really nice, i have been desperately searching to try and find out who its made by, and the only thing that keeps popping up is whitefriars i would be so grateful if someone could help me out.
the vase measures 9 inchs in height and is very heavy. it is ruby red colour and has a bark effect i would post a picture but i do not know how to do that on here. but i would be happy to email photos anyone who could help me.
many thanks

You can upload photos at
After you do you will see three links on the left side of the screen.
Highlight the third one all the way, then copy it. Come back to your post right click and paste it into your message. If you need more detailed instructions on how to copy and paste let me know.  
I find it easiest to do this with both windows open.

Welcome, Claire  :lol:  And yes, it's essential that we get to see a photo of the item. Vintagerose has suggested tinypic - and that's an easy way for you to show us a photo. Thanks Vintagerose. As a suggestion, the only problem with tiny pic is that it doesn't maintain the photos there forever, and we do have a resource here on the Glass Message Board that was created specifically for us by Anne - and that is the Glass Gallery. So, if you feel like having a shot at that, just go to the sticky in the main board postings, and scroll down to the most recent message from Anne where she explains about the Glass Gallery.

Again - welcome.


hi there thank you so much for your help on the image, right i think i have done this right well i hope i have.

thankc claire

Nice tree bark vase, Whitefriar's number 9689 designed by Geoffrey Baxter.


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