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Rose and Drape Vase Mystery. Polish link maybe?


Has anyone seen a vase like these? Does anyone have one in another colour (I know Tony H does).

A vase in this pattern was found by Tony with a sticker that reads: Beverly Crystal Poland - so does anyone know what factory in Poland it might have been? Has anyone else got a piece of glass with a Beverly Crystal sticker on?,3979.0.html
All suggestions and thoughts gratefully received.


Hi Glen,
Given the Polish penchant for using peoples names for the glass factories, I think you may need to be looking for a company, probably known as HSK Beverly (Huta Szkla Krysztalowego). I've had a look round for you already, but couldn't find much. It may be that the works has been pushed into a larger glass conglomerate, but many do not seem to list member factories.

Minex, the Polish equivalent of Glassexport still exists, and still operates in the field of glass exportation.

If you want the address, e-mail me and I'll send it to you.



Marcus - many thanks for that information. I'll follow it through - and yes please to the address.

Thanks again.



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