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Hi, How can I verify if this is Paul Ysart


Hi all,

I have recently been selling part of my aunt hoard of glass and pottery on eBay, and recently listed this

 as just glass paperweigt Circa 1920's, to be informed that it may be a Paul Ysart.  Being an Enginner I also strive to describe everything correctly and I also owe it to my aunt to maximise her money.

I can see no label or signature and would ask how this may be verified as a Paul Ysart.

Thanking you inanticipation of help


My apologies if this is incorrect as it is only the first time I have used such a service

Hi Peter,

Paperweights with encased military badges on coloured chips were certainly made by Paul Ysart (most likely in the 1930s) but he was not the only one to do this. Belgium is believed to be at least one other source.

There is actually no fool-proof method of confirming the maker of weights like this. They were individual personal keepsake items rather than regular production pieces.

However, yours seems to show gold aventurine amongst the coloured chips and this is a good sign that it may well have been made by Paul Ysart. A photo of the base, to show how it is finished would provide other clues. Does the glass dome appear to be "dark" or "grey", rather than very clear? If so, that could also fit for an Ysart item from that period.

Thanks Kev,

It would appear that I have posted to the wrong section.

I will repost with more photogarphs.

Thank you for your help,


This is the right section for paperweights. As Kevin said these were made by Paul but also by others. Many lack the quality of finish associated with PY and hence Kevin's additional questions.


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