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Several Signed Vases & Threaded Tumbler? Who?

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Good Morning!
 I'm addicted to glass and can't pass it up when found!  Most of the glass in my collection is contemporary but I do have a few older pieces.  Most of the pieces are signed but my background in contemporary glass is limited, so I'll ask the members for help once again.
 All of my glass was purchased in the Boston, MA. area.. My images below show the vases, the signatures. and bases. The last set of images show a tumbler with applied thread. Any thoughts?  Thanks once again for your help.

   Red Glass Pulled Vase

   Poppy Vase

   Heavy Blue Molded Vase

   Threaded Glass Tumbler Signed TLC

I don't know who they are by but I love your your red glass pulled one.

Thanks Pat!  I agree with you! The red glass vase with the pulled design is a charmer! The pictures don't do it justice!

I agree with everyone else, the red pulled vase is definitely a KEEPER.  Love it!!!  Sorry that I can't help you with identification.  You're from Boston right?  Maybe you could tell us how and where you acquired it?  Was it from an estate sale, garage sale, glass shop, the mall, etc.  I really like this one, but also I like the the tumbler.  There is a local guy here in Amarillo, TX that does work like that but unfortunately his signature doesn't match up to yours.  Have you tried sending these pics to the Corning Museum?  This glassboard and the Corning people helped me out tremendiously on a piece about a year ago.  If you need help how to send the pics to them, just ask.  Everyone here is WONDERFULLY helpful.

Hello Nancy,
 Thanks for taking a moment to share your thoughts.. I picked up six vases and 4 tumblers at auction last night.  The price was right! I found a real keeper at auction last week, which I posted here eariler in the week, and hope to discover something about it.  It's amazing how little is known about contemporary glass and the artists who make it when its sold at auction.  Everyone is looking for Tiffany, Loetz, Older glass, etc. and when new glass is offered, it sells at bargain prices. Bargain prices when compared to Tiffany that is!  I haven't made an attempt to contact the people at Corning but will if you think it will help.  Yes, the red pulled vase will stay in my collection for the time being. Maybe in 100 years or so, who knows, it might become valuable!  LOL! Thanks again!


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