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Lobed bowl - help with ID, please

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Chris Harrison:

Nice and heavy. 6 lobes.
4"/10cm diameter, 2 1/2"/6cm high.
Clear and sky blue, with a dark green swirl.

Any help appreciated.

Oooh another odd one, that's the second oddity this week!  The base just looks so Whitefriarsy.  :shock: Never seen this shape before though...shock horror...couldn't be a one off, could it??  (that's something I never thought I'd hear myself type!)

Try, see if perhaps Patrick Hogan can identify it.  Unless anyone else has any ideas?

EDIT:  This could be STEVENS & WILLIAMS not Whitefriars.

David E:
I'd tend to agree with you about the WF-style base. I have a similar lobed olive-green (Meadow?) 'pot' with the base that looks like a 5-petal flower, with controlled bubble. Very thick glass but I've had to make the ultimate sacrifice and empty out my rubber bands to take the photo :lol:

Great chunky pot for rubber bands David!  Could've been made for them.  :D Perhaps it

Stevens & Williams streaky vases are sometimes confused (and no wonder) with Whitefriars, so it prompted me to have a look on Google.  So...all things considered, I'm plumping for Stevens & Williams and feel fairly confident.  That's sticking me neck above the parapet huh?  :lol:

PS:  I use one of Adam's little landscape vases for pens, it's good to use glass isn't it?  It gives me pleasure everytime I look at it.  :D

Max, I agree with using glass - I keep my art paintbrushes (as opposed to the decorating ones that is!) in various pressed glass vases - the sort that used to come with pickles or suchlike in them, and as for bowls they have a whole range of stuff from pot pourri to teddy bears in them!  :roll:


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