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can anyone help to identify these items

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hi again here are the other items that i was talking about in my previous post that was left to me by my grandmother, if anyone could give me any help identyfing them.
many thanks for all your help so far


Chris Harrison:
Hi Claire, if the vase on the left is 4 3/4 ins high and has a clear glass base, it's probably another Whitefriars vase, no. 9647


As for the others, well, paperweights aren't my thing... but might be the round one.


Chris Harrison:
And they're all very desirable objects, BTW...

hi chris, thanks for your reply to answer the question about the vase on the left yes it measures 4 3/4 in height sorry forgot to add that one and it also has a clear base to it as well,
and i have to agree with you on the desirable point as well, i like every piece but i think i am going to have to part with them or they will be packed away as glassware does not last long in my home what with kids and dogs, and i would really hate for any of these beautiful pieces to be broken which would break my heart as my nan took such good care of them, she left so much that i am trying to research on, i found a box under her bed as well marked up 100 year old plates!!!!!!
thanks for all your help chris

I might be able to help you out with the plates.  But it's not glass related so please feel free to email me through the member list above.


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