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Who are English Glass, Uckfield?

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Who are English Glass, Uckfield?

I think the sellers mean that it's English glass, not made by English glass?

I did a Google search and another paperweight popped up, apparently by 'Deurtrend', but the page was missing and nothing Googlable (is that a word?? :lol: ) for Deurtrend.  

Perhaps just assembled in Uckfield?

The paperweight is glass, its made in England, so it's English Glass

Oh, and the squirrel lives up a tree in Uckfield.  (high street - third oak from the end... on the left)

and is called tufty


So who assembled the weight in Yuckfield?

Probably on the back of the weight is a sticker reading Uckfield or Sussex or English glass. Some source such as a souvenir shop or gift shop in the area. This is just one more example of a seller not providing enough information.


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