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Can you give me any ideas of what this could be?


I have an oval glass bowl and underplate (it looks like a sauce or gravy dish with plate).  It has gold trim with scroll in the trim.  It is marked on the bottom of the plate with an H in a diamond.  I am not sure what it is.  Can anyone give me any information on it?

Hi,  :D

According to Ivo's book: Millers Glass Fact File A-Z, by Ivo Haanstra.

--- Quote ---H inside a squared diamond/diamond is for Heisey & Co, AH Glassworks in Newark, OH, USA [1893-1958]
--- End quote ---

For more information on the piece itself a photo would help. :wink:


For those who maybe able to help further, here is a photo of the items in question.

 :shock: Click to enlarge :shock:

Definitely Heisey and one of the Colonial patterns but I can't find that particular footed piece in my 3 Heisey books  :?


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