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Whitefriars Old Gold Studio range - how rare and valuable?

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I am looking at some vases available at auction S13 and S7 in the Old Gold Studio range from the late 1960s - I can't seem to find anywhere with them available to get an idea of their rarity and value.

Can anyone give me an idea, taking say, the 8 inch Drunken Bricklayer as a benchmark of 5, where would these sit?

Hi there Jo

Someone here might be able to give you the answer here, but to get a wider audience of Whitefriars glass experts, you could try   :)

A few pieces have been on ebay in the last few months - not always Old Gold, but some of the peacock range as well and have acheived prices  £120 - £250 ish.

Oddly enough I have seen a fair amount of it myself recently - I was almost beginning to think it was stuff coming out of China, but as long as the items have a pattern number on the base you can be sure it is authentic.  This range quite often had the "S" pattern number on the base( unusually for Whitefriars.)  Emmi

thanks Emmi, two of the three have Whitefriars and the S pattern number scratched into the base - I wasn't sure if this was original or put there by the original owner, but it seems ok. The other doesn't but is exactly the same as the other two in terms of base finish and the thickness of the casing, so I guess I will assume it is ok.

Having just ploughed through over 300 vases completed on ebay, I couldn't find any, so thought I'd better hand it over to you experts.


Well, I bought them!  Not too cheap, but not too expensive either.

So here is a picture now I have the right to put them on  :lol:

The big one in the middle has a fine crack to the rim unfortunately, but I can't see anything wrong with the two tall ones.  So wish me luck..


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