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Identification of a very large paperweight.

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I recently obtained an auction lot of paperweights and this is the only one I cannot identify. I was told it might be Caithness but I'm not too sure about this.
It is very large and came in its original deep square red box with white silk lining.
The base is ground with no makers mark at all.
Size: 4 inches (10 cms) high and 12 1/2 inches (32 cms) in circumference.
Weight: Nearly 3 lbs (1319 grams)
Colour and Decoration: It has large bubbles rising up from the bottom and in between these are spikes or explosions of what looks like suspended 'sea-foam' in red and blue.
On the base of the box is the following:
Bar Code:5 010792 011226

See photographs below. I have taken them against a white and black background to try and show the weight to best effect.

Can anyone help?
Thank you

It's possible that it's Caithness, although the hundreds of Caithness paperweights I've seen all have some sort of signature, or scratched numbers, or style desciption in boxy lettering on the bottom.
Those elongated, exaggerated bubbles are similar to Caithness Sea Dance Sable and some Moon Dance designs. And Caithness did make some magnums, which would explain the size and heft.

You might contact Caithness via its website.

Since my posting I have attended an antiques fair and found a similar paperweight with an identical box and label.
I now know that my paperweight is made by Royal Crest and the 'Parmir' name on the label is the paperweight's name.
I hope this information may help others with identification.
Thank you to everyone at this sight for their help.

Glad you identified your weight, but just to mention that Caithness Double Magnums were not always marked - I had one that I managed to identify from their collectors guides but they are not easy.  It helped it came with a load of other Caithness weights (no other makers) so I kind of started looking there.

Made good money on ebay too, around the £90 mark (this was last year), so worth keeping an eye out for.

Is Royal Crest a British company? Is it a glass factory or glassmaking firm? Where is it located? I had always thought that Royal Crest was a name for a series of higher quality weights made in Taiwan and produced for export. And that Parmir was the name of the import or export company.


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