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Please help identifying this glass


Please forgive me in advance for my utter, complete, and absolute lack of knowledge of anything glass or antique related.

My father inherited this from his Aunt, and all we know is that it's been in her house for as long as he could remember. Someone suggested to look for maker's signatures or symbols and stuff like that on the base or in the curve of the shade, and we have found nothing.

The lamp is tiny; it stands about ten inches tall.

1) What type of glass is that shade?
2) Does anyone know what sort of style that lamp is, if there is a name for it. I spent an hour sifting through websites and Google images looking for a lamp with a similar style (where the shade hangs down under the brass arc thing) and I could find nothing.
3) If you don't know, do you perhaps know of another online community that would be a better place to ask this question?

Anything else you might be able to tell would be extremely appreciated.

It looks fascinating and the metalwork could be late 19th century to 1930's. Can you take some more views of the shade and put links in your post please.

Beautiful glass!  Does the shade swivel to point upwards too?

Edit:  I believe the shape is called 'swivel harp'.  Tiffany did a version in favrile glass & bronze.  I hope that narrows the search a little.

Looks more like Quezal to me, but I'm not an expert.
This lady is

thanks for all the replies so far.

Frank: I'll try to get some more pictures, but it probably won't be too soon. It's at my parent's house.

It looks like it will swivel up if you turn the screw thingys on the side, but I didn't want to mess with it too much. If it does swivel, it hasn't been swiveled in a long, long time.

Max and Hotglass: Thanks I'll look into it right now.


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