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Glass shards from shipwreck

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--- Quote from: "Posted for Roger Smith" ---I am an underwater archaeologist in Florida.  We have been recording a shipwreck that appears to date circa 1840 (from diagnostic ceramic sherds), and may have been carrying a cargo of bricks to build the coastal Forts Taylor and Jefferson in the Florida Keys.

I wonder if you can help us to identify the type and maker of a glass shard that we have sampled from the site?  

State Underwater Archaeologist
Bureau of Archaeological Research
Division of Historical Resources
Tallahassee, FL, U.S.A.
--- End quote ---


Roger and Frank,
I have got no idea I am afraid, but I like it and I'd like the intact plate  :P

I had to cut this posting.  The motif of the ship reminded me of the old British ha'penny, with the ship being the Golden Hind.   Not at all sure this tallies with the already dated items.

However, even the circular impressed dots around the ship looked like coinage to me.  Sorry, probably a wild goose chase here.

Paul ADK:
I strongly suspect you will find the ship depicted on the shard is "Old Ironsides," the Frigate Constitution.  During the period 1830-33, following the publication of the Oliver Wendell Holmes poem, the Constitution was a very popular subject for glass manufacturers here in the states.  I know there were a quite a number of items produced with that motif, including cup plates, bowls and boxes.  Knowing the size and shape (curvature or side view) of the shard would be helpful.

Paul ADK


This appears to be a cup plate like this one:

The shard appears to to be pictured from the base and the intact example from above.

Apparently there are variations so you might want to contact the folks at this web page  to see what they can tell you.



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