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Eric Hoglund for Boda - early 1960s?

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Hiya everyone, I was in a charity shop with hubby the other day when he picked up this chunky glass thing and asked me who or what I thought it might be - I suggested Eric Hoglund.  Although it's probably instantly recognisable to many of you I was thrilled to be proven right when we got home and checked in some books because six months ago I'd not even heard of Eric Hoglund (ceramics was my thang previously).  We bought it for just a few pounds despite a few cracks (sadly it's been knocked about a little) because we thought it would be good to be able to handle and get a feel for his work.  It's also marked on the back but neither of us noticed that in the shop.  So a massive thank you to this board and it's contributors for helping increase my very limited knowledge of glass.  It's a largish lump at 9.5in/24cm x 4.5in/11.5cm and weighing a whopping 1720g.  See pics below...

:lol:  :lol: Well done, Pip.

 8)  8)

That's a very nice piece Pip.  :D  Very nice!  I've often seen the clear glass little bowls, but to find a larger piece in red is quite unusual.  Well done!   :D  :D

Thank you Della and cheers Max - it's just a huge shame it's got cracks running through it   :roll:  but it still looks fab on display and is my first piece of Eric Hoglund.

I know just what you mean Pip, I am learning all the time, and the info on here is a HUGE help in checking out that what I THINK I have learnt from books and websites is actually right.  ( Or wrong of course...which is still more often than not)

Every time I get something right without looking it up first, I get that lovely warm fluffy feeling inside!   :wink:


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