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glass swan ashtray


susan a:
I recently "inherited" a glass ashtray in the shape of a swan (inherited because nobody wanted it).   I don't know where to start looking to determine if it has any historical or monetary value.  

The swan is about 10 inches tall, 9 inches long, and weighs nearly 3 pounds.  It has a long S-shaped neck, and an open body with two cigar or cigarette rests.  The neck, body and tail appear to be made of one continuous piece of glass.  From the neck, the body fans out to form a bowl, and the tail appears to be stretched from the body.  It is smooth glass, not rough, and has a smooth lined texture both outside and partially inside the body.  The neck is smooth from base to crown.The color is an amber and sort of mother-of pearl milky combination, with a few streaks of teal in the bowl of the body.    It has a clear glass or clear crystal comb, beak, cigar rests, and base, and a bright teal eye.  Its base is a big glob of clear glass, with no markings besides a big X and a rough texture.  

What kind of glass is it, if anyone knows?  And why would someone consider it a collectable?  Thanks very much.  Susan

Swans were made everywhere in every conceivable shape and size both as production and as friggers.

We really need a picture to even start, you can 'upload' some pics here (Under 200k each)

Then copy the link from below the pictures and paste into your message here.

susan a:
Do you mean that I should take a picture of this object, or that I should look through your archives for a similar object?

Susan, can you take a picture of your swan and then upload it to our GlassGallery (we have a help message how to do this here:,6522.0.html

If you get stuck and need some help either ask here or drop me an e-mail (see button at the foot of this message for my e-mail address).


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