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Caribbean decorated tumblers who designed them?

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Hello Everyone.
Bought these tumblers along with a fifties bar a few months ago and just getting around to trying to find out who designed them. My thoughts were with Chance or even Alexander Hardie Williamson although my investigations have come to  nothing.
Each of the glasses is depicting a different Caribbean dance or musical instrument and apart from slight gilding missing there is very little wear so I am beginning to doubt if they are even old.
Can any of  you experts help me out. Thanks in advance as always.


In Millers collectable's 2005 page 332, the shape (if yours is by Ravenhead) with it's gold rim is the hardest shape to find.

No size given though.  :evil:

This pattern isn't in any of my books, perhaps it is not commonly seen or it's by a different maker.

Only a quick opinion, but I have been keeping a bit of an eye on this market and don't recognise these as Alexander Hardie Williamson.  However, I'd describe these as kitsch and worth holding onto for a while before selling...if that's what you want to do.  Only my opinion though.

Tigerchips:  I'm sending you an email.   :)

Me again
Thank you both  Tiger and Max
Tiger: Interestingly Alexander Hardie Williamson designed for Ravenhead in the 60'sso although I haven't identified the particular design it looks promising. I have a leaflet about Ravenhead glass and looked at that first but it only showed the tumblers with the splish/splash designs.---and I only have the 2004 Millers collectables and its not in that. Ho hum!!

My daughter should have been a teenager in the fifties/sixties as she has her  name on these glasses and my fifties bar and other bits and pieces I have from that era i.e. Pineapple Ice  Bucket but I will hold on to them for the moment . Trouble is my house is gettting smaller and smaller  :(
Thanks for the input will keep looking.


:D :shock: :D

AHW did do over 1000 designs for glasses at this time.

I'd say that this was a highly desirable sort of pattern and worth a fair bit even without a maker, just on the grounds of being wonderfully kitsch.


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