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Caribbean decorated tumblers who designed them?

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In my very dim and distant past I see to recall this pattern being called calipso, or calypso, but I haven't been able to find anything to confirm this, and my memory is not what it used to be!

David E:
Not Chance anyway to the best of my knowledge. They produced a set with Flamenco dancers and another with Galleons, but not Calypso dancers.

David E:
Another possibility is Sherdley, BTW :idea:

Could be any of dozens of firms, including Pirelli.

It is no neccesarily the case that glass company designed the transfers, they could have just bought standard stock from companies such as Mattheys. Until catalogues from the transfer makers are found it would be difficult to attribute without a contemporary advet for the design. These can be found in Women's and Household magazines of the period.

David E:
That's true: although Johnson Matthey, Ben Capper or Baileys would also have produced transfers to the customers design, as they did with Chance. Anne does have a fairly recent Baileys catalogue so it might just be listed in here.

I will be going to Himley Hall on Wednesday to scour Tableware International and Pottery Gazette to cover this period so if I find these I'll let you know.

Any other requests? :)


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