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Czechoslavakian Chrysophase glass. AND Cellophane

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Marcus could you have a look at the Czech vases on the first row of THIS PAGE please. I would love to ID the glassworks and have been trying for only 20 years so far, ditto the second row which might not be Czech/Bohemian etc.

Hi Frank, With my less than perfect knowledge, the most obvious candidate amongst Czech/Slovak/Bohemian glassworks for this glass may well be Ceskomoravske Sklarny, at Krasno nad Becvou, not to be confused with Krosno, Poland. They appear to have had some similar glass, though not necessarily the forms. Examples that spring to mind are those one-offs, designed by L. Smrckova, @ 1940, Bohemian Glass, Drahatova and Langhamer for Crystalex, Novy Bor, 1985?, and Modernes Glas Von Ludvika Smrckova, M Holubova, Artia, Prague, 1961.
I do not currently have examples of their labels. Ivo?

The one labelled exampled, shown, included the word Chrysoprase and part of Czechoslovakia, the rest was illegible. The label was either embossed on silver coated paper or printed with a thermographic silver ink. That places it betweem the thirties to late sixties. I cannot see it being later. It also occurs in a pastel blue ground and a pastel pink ground. I feel it is 50's. It is certainly not a one off design as it occurs in so many shapes and is often styled with the fifties version of Art Deco as well as more traditional shapes.

Ivo has thought about it in the past, I never let anyone who shows some interest in this area get away without their thoughts. :twisted:

We will get there in the end. Thanks.

Sorry Frank, was pointing in the direction of the type of glass as used for a series of one offs, not that the forms themselves were one-offs.

Hi Frank,
Having gone back and looked at several images this morning, the glassworks above may be a good candidate as possible producers of cellophane glass as seen in line 2, the green/brown colourway.


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