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Orrefors 1979 Shire Horse Ploughing Bowl


I am wondering if someone can help me... My father has inherited a Orrefors 1979 Shire Horse Ploughing crystal Bowl, It is in perfect condition as my Grand Father stored it away in its original box when he purchased it in 1979. It has been designed by Nils Landberg and is numbered A O 101/500. He is looking for someone to be able to carry out both an insurance and current retail valuation for him and then will be looking to sell it. I have attempted to contact Mr Bill Geary but the email address I have would not work...
Orrefors could tell me nothing more than we already know about it and could not give a valuation.
I can find nothing doccumented on the internet about it and would be very grateful for any information that anyone can give in relation to the bowl, its value and where best to sell it.
Please see my signature to veiw photos of it.
Many thanks in advance

Bill G:
Hi. Sorry about the email addresses at Nordic Art Glass not being taken down after we moved to Sweden.
You can reach me at margareta.geary (AT SIGN) and I can provide you with an appraisal.
Bill Geary


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