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Cherub Jules Lang/Walther pedestal bowl

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This item went too high for me.  I'm still wondering if I should have tried harder to get it.  The registration mark seems to suggest Percival Vickers or Jules Lang.  I think the bowl is a mismatch and is Sowerby though.

I've never seen this pedestal base before and I wonder how unusual it is?

Edit: I thought this pedestal was in the shape of an OWL initially...I've altered the title thanks to Tigerchips.

Which one has the registration number, the base on the bowl or base on the owl?

It seems strange to me that either piece would have a victorian registration number when they both look Art Deco?  :?

Max, this isn't a paperweight is it? You must have big papers as you've posted it in the Paperweights section.  :lol:

On second thoughts, the owl might be a victorian design.  :roll:

The owl has the registration mark I believe.  I don't know how I posted it in the wrong section Tiger!  Duh!   :roll:  Thanks for your interest.   :D

Owl?  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

This isn't an owl Max, they're cherubs.  :lol:

It's easy to see why you thought it was an owl as I thought the same thing. I've been looking everywhere for this owl.  :lol:


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