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Need help to identify art nouveau vase artist


I purchased a blown glass vase recently.  It is signed, but I can't read the signature!  How can I go about finding out who the artist is?  Does anyone recognize the following description?  I know it's blown, Art Nouveau with a silver overlay on iridescent glass.  It is about 8 inches tall.  It also has the number 108010 underneath the signature.
Can you suggest any books or resources that might be helpful?  I don't know the age of it, but my gut tells me it isn't old. Although I haven't seen any contempory artists doing Art Nouveau.  I have photographs I can email.  Any help you can give me would be appreciated!  Thank you very much!

Hi Virgina,

Posting pics is really easy. Follow the instructions, to be found via this link:,6522.0.html

Failing that, feel free to email the photos to me, using my email link, under this message. I will then post them for you.


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