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A cranberry uranium vase and a cranberry style green bowl?

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I'm a virgin when it comes to cranberry glass. Is this vase cranberry glass? It glows under UV and it's vertically ribbed with applied clear glass bits. It has a nicely polished rim with a few chips on it unfortunetly. There is no pontil and the base slopes inwards. Not a biggin', It's just under 8 inches high. I paid £2.75 for it, was that cheap?

This isn't cranberry but it's in the style of Cranberry glass. Nicely polished pontil. A few minor chips but nothing too noticable. It's around 4.50 inches diameter. I broke the bank and paid £3.50 for it!

Any clues of manufacturer, age, etc...?

Thanks, Tigerhips.

Hi "tigerhips" (wot, no "c"?)

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a "style of Cranberry glass". If glass is the colour of "crushed cranberries" then it is cranberry in colour (although some folk would say that modern items of similar colour are not really "cranberry" as the pink is not the right shade).

The top of your first vase does seem to be of a cranberry colour, although the overall pink looks a bit too red ... and the green seem rather weak. But that may due to the thickness (or thinness) of the glass and photographic lighting etc.

Cranberry-with-green is well known for various 19th century pieces (see my example below), and your vase, with its pinch-work, does have the look of a late 19th century piece. But I wonder whether it could be a later version?

Here's one of my cranberry-and-green things (with a "Triffid" foot, as Leni might call it):
In my photo, the pink appears darker than in many other cranbeery coloured items. It glows bright green under "blacklight". Even in the pink section - but that is because of the clear glass that coats the inner cranberry colour and the clear is casuing a UV reaction. The green may itself give a UV reaction but that would not necessarily be detected through the standard green from the clear glass. (I have a cranberry-and-clear (no green) vase which shows only a green reaction in the clear ... the cranberry section is on a very thin clear glass and no UV reaction is seen.)

The second vase is also probably a 19th century one, with a crimped (rigaree) trail of clear around the middle. But it's not a "cranberry style".

Or maybe there is a collector term of "cranberry" that applies to something other than the colour? I await further responses. :)

Hi Tiger,
nice Victorian glass you got there, & yes, bargains too!
The ruby (or cranberry) to green is often referred to as Rubina Verde, particularly in U.S references.
Hard to say where it's from, could be English or maybe a Bohemian copy of English glass.
It's a variation on the heat reactive shaded colours so popular in the late Victorian era, like Amberina.
Second item could be a preserve dish-they usually have this type of rigaree round their middle as a support to sit snugly into a silver-plate holder.
This one looks English to me & probably C.1890s.

1st one looks Bohemian to me.  Second, yes, I agree could well be English.  

Tiger, now don't you start collecting 'my' style of glass!   :twisted:  And not at my sort of price, either!  :lol:

The vase looks more of a cranberry colour than ruby, it's just the light playing tricks.

It does shine bright green under UV as normal, though the cranberry bits don't shine as much. I don't think the bottom half of the vase is green, rather it's the uranium in the glass that makes it look green.  :?  So I've got a cranberry to clear glass vase, or should I say cranberry to uranium vase? Or would it be cranberry to green as it looks green.  :roll:

I'll just add that the pinchwork does not glow under UV as it's just clear glass.

The vase has a lot of imperfections in it, more so than the bowl. it has a few stretched bubbles and the odd bit of black grit.

More pictures

The bowl is just as heavy (240g) as the vase and it seems to have more quality to it.

More pictures

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