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Help with large "balloon glass"

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Hello to the message board from NewZealand.

With trepidation I am attempting a first posting in this forum.
My computer skills are very limited so any help would be appreciated.

As a first up can anyone enlighten me with information on this large
"balloon glass". I,m not sure what you would call it.

It stands 290mm tall. The base is 130mm across.
The rim is 116mm across and it is 185mm at its widest point.

It is clear glass with large white daubs. Interspersing the white are smaller
blue ones giving it an overall bluish hue.

I have managed to put two pictures on the glass gallery but do not know how to provide the link as asked.

The files are named balloon glass and balloon glass 1.
I hope this helps and any pointing in right directions wou;ld be appreciated.

thanks  Lin

Hi Lin & Welcome.  :lol:

Here is a link to one of your photos.

Once you have uploaded your picture into the album, if you scroll down, you will find the link for your picture, in blue.
Copy that link and paste it into your post.  :wink:

Thanks Della.

I,m a little long in the tooth and find computers quite daunting.
I dont know how I got this far. Must have been a lucky day.
I find this forum very interesting so am going to perservere



The other one is hiding in the Rogue's gallery

Welcome Lin

I wish a knew who made it. Lovely.


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