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After our recent server move the GTS website is now back online. There is still some information to port over from the old server - mainly from the two big German makers, Brockwitz and Walther. The plan is to get those done next. Also the Mysteries are not yet online - as some are mysteries no more, thanks to all the input from you fabulous folks!

I also have a raft of information on new makers of trinket sets to add in - this is going to take time, so I will be doing it a bit at a time, hopefully you will see weekly progress after the site had stalled for a while, mainly due to family issues and workload. 

Many of the images that I have been sent by email are now on the site (excepting the aforementioned German and Mysteries sections still to add). Thank you to everyone who has sent them to me, I think they are all credited but if I have missed a credit off an image and you want it on, please give me a nudge.

You can have any of my pictures in here
and If you join, you can "steal" bigger versions

Christine, thank you, that's very kind of you. I'm sure it will fill in more than a few photo gaps.  :-*

I will have a look once I've finished adding the German sections off the old server. I'm pushing to get it all moved over before we switch that off at the end of the month so it has to be a priority. :)

Mysteries are back online, in a Gallery format to make them easier to see, and to let folks add images of new mysteries too.  Click the Mysteries link on any GTS page or go direct to

I have a few for you Anne that I may not have sent you already like this Walther Ilse pattern


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