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Rose Bowl ID help please

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I have this Rose Bowl, that is 7" tall, 8" wide, and has a base of 3 3/4", with a mouth of 4 1/4". I can find out nothing about it. I am thinking Italian, but could be way off base.


Hi Mike Welcome to the board. Nice bowl, nice photos but you missed the important one - the base.

Oops, Here it is.


Don't know who made it but that nice base pic should help because it gives clues as to how it was made. I would guess that the white layer was blown into a small mould and then placed in a larger mould and a blue gather blown inside that to expand the lot  - but I'll let the experts tell me I'm wrong.

It's a good idea to add your location to ypur profile as it sometimes it can give a starting point as to where glass is from. Sometimes it's just a red herring of course :D

I have seen Bohemian rose bowls on ebay with this kind of pattern and the pattern on the base is usually off-centre like this. I think this might be different as it's not made the same way and the colour is very much different.

Just thinking out loud.  :)


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