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Tennis anyone?

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I was not sure if it was better to do it this way or do multiple posts.  However I could not Host it. It was dreadfully slow. These are all unknowns to me.  I am thankful for your help.


First one I think is Fenton Hobnail.

Better to split as multiple posts or it gets very confusing to answer.

You can post the china pieces in the Cafe but not in Glass forum please.

Also a brief description in post subject and dimensions in the post please.

On the lamp, my failing memory tells me that Fenton hobnails are pointed - the pic appears to have rounded hobnails.  The blue compote is King's crown pattern, made over the last  125 years by nearly every company in every country that makes glass, so a maker ID can be very difficult.

The 3 footed bowl looks like Imperial Milk Glass. If on the bottom there is an I then that is what it is if not then I don't know who the maker is but it does look like milk glass.


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