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Milk Glass Bowl



Maker, Pattern Circa
Measures: 7" across Scalloped Top 3.25" tall
Three footed, glass is 1/4" thick

 :D Kim

I am fairly certain that this is a Jeannette Glass item.  I don't know that I have ever seen one in the flesh in mlk glass but I have seen this in clear with a ugly purple flash coating and that horrible fake amberina yellow glass with red flashing.

If you are buying these glass pieces for resell avoid the above mentioned flashed pieces unless they are in pristine condition and even then they aren't work very much - $8-10  :(

Connie, Ok, I have posted awhile back a punch bowl base it looks like the same company probably made it to me, I will add it's picture here. The pattern is very close, but I am just apprentice.  Let me know what you think.


The bowl was made by Jeanette in the 1960s and is called their '#788 Fentec'.

I am sorry but I have not been able to ID the punch bowl base yet. Many companies made geometric designs - and I am just not sure of this one.


Sorry?  Don't be Sorry!  You are an Angel to still be trying muhhhhh.

What more coulda I  ask for?

Kim  :D


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