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Three Pears Bowl - ID = Sowerby "Enid" pattern powder bowl

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Bernard C:
A mystery of wonderful quality.

Small acid-matted pink pressed glass three pears bowl.   Hemispherical, with three boldly moulded juicy-looking pears each complete with short pruned stem fragment (not how you harvest or prune pears) and three leaves, against an interwoven wattle fence background.   Unsigned.   Diameter 10.5 cm, height 5.9 cm, weight 270g (9½ oz).

Very fine detail, not British, probably French, Belgian, or other mainland Europe.   The masterful use of very thick glass in places for optical effect, together with the overall high quality looks to me school of Etienne Franckhauser, whose clients, according to Baker & Crowe, included Sabino, Hunebelle and Lalique.   Another feature in favour of a Franckhauser attribution is that each of the three side sections of the mould is different, with individual non-interchangeable vertical interfaces to each other, like his designs for Jobling's 2593 Three Graces comport and the random geometric Deco 2598 cigarette box and ash tray.

I've seen two others over the years, always a pure light pink.   One was fitted with a silver plated rim, either original or added to conceal damage.   I've never seen a lid, nor anything else in a matching pattern.

Any ideas?   I'll post photographs if no-one recognises it from my description.

... and, what is three pears in French?   My dictionary has gone walkabout.

Bernard C.  8)

Trois poires

Bernard C:
Marcus — thanks.

Everyone — as promised I have put together some photographs.    I hope that the colour reproduction looks okay to you — it should be a light pure pink with no hint of amber or any other colour.

See Three Pears Bowl

Any ideas or comments?

Bernard C.  8)

Bernard - I wish I could give you a definitive reply as to the maker - but truth is, I don't have a clue.

I saw your posting on AuctionBytes and note that Lou said "it could also be Czech They did some fantasic intaglio work". Hhmn, well yes, they certainly did do some fantastic intaglio work, but this baby is cameo - and HOW.

It's a fabulous bowl, but I have not seen it before. I know of a number of fruity patterns that are cameo (mainly from US makers, but also one or two from Finnish makers) but they are not as massive in execution as your fabulous pink one.

Bernard C:
Thanks, Glen, for your generous and helpful comments.

Your own and Lou's use of the words intaglio and cameo is completely new to me, as I understand these words as descriptive of cutting or etching production techniques, and have never used them in connection with moulded patterns.   I would have more naturally used incised and relief to describe the pattern on a finished product.

Using these words for both purposes could cause confusion.    For example, if the original artwork was a model from which the mould was cast, intaglio artwork would yield an intaglio finished product via a cameo mould.   If the mould was cut directly, intaglio artwork would yield a cameo finished product.

Bernard C.  :?  8)


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