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Blue Pressed Slag/cloud glass dresser set - ID = Davidson 8283

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Thank you for clarifying that Chris!  So Tiger was right!  What a stunning set that is.  It's going to be something I don't forget in a hurry!  Thank you both for your help, this board is invaluable, isn't it?  :D  :D

...still wish I'd bought the trinket set...  :x

Thanks again.  :D

David E:
Max, quite often you'll see the powder bowls sold separately, but the trays are not often seen, particularly in blue as I'm sure Chris will tell you. The powder pots come in two sizes as well if you were thinking of buying the set in parts.

The intaglio on the rear of the tray is also quite stunning when held to the light - almost worth making a gigantic sun catcher from them!

Blue cloud is also the most popular of the readily available cloud colours as well so you normally get some competition. Just watch for chips...


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