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I have a strange piece

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And need help identfying it and determing a value. I went to the auction last week and got this glass plate (no not china) it is frosted with a raised cameo in the center and it is scalloped around the edges. Came from an estate sale and we were told it was well over 100 years old. Sorry no pics yet will try to get some tomorrow and try to get them on this site. Thanks for any help anyone may have for me. :D Here is the plate.

have pic of the plate now sorry took so long. hope someone can help I can't find anything about this item any where.

Welcome to the board Mrs Spud!
Thank you for the photos - a larger one could be helpful - and indication of the  place, where you are situated, could help further! Thank you

David E:
Really can't tell much from the photo and a more detailed one would help.

If you can get a larger photo, just post the address, like this:

David E:
Sorry Pamela, you beat me to it! I think Mrs. Spud is in the USA?


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