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jane rosemary:
I have purchased a black glass bowl which is in the form of a stylised cabbage!  The only glass I can find is jetique which appers to have white spots mostly.
Does anybody know where I can get information on this black glass please?

Sounds liks a Bagley Equinox - the inturned version - to me. Jettique did not always come with spots. This style came in at least two sizes
See here
and here

The jetique with the white spots is known as Polka Dot I believe.

jane rosemary:
Thanks for your help Christine and Anne.
My bowl is not amber coloured like the equinox vase in your first link, Christine - it is more like the second one.
At first I thought it was ceramic - the colour is solid - not at all transparent-
It is only when you touch it that you realise it is glass - very shiny, not matt nor frosted.
I could only find the Polka Dot version in my limited research.
I could try to photograph it but amd not very good yet photographing my glass with a flash.
Thanks again - Jane :D

I didn't mean that your bowl was amber, just that it sounded like this shape. Equinox in both the inward turned and outward turned forms was made in clear and frosted green and blue, clear amber (and possibly pink as well), and Jettique with and without polka dots. Both the shapes I showed you were Equinox. If your isn't the inturned rose bowl version, then we need a picture to help with your ID.

Try a photo without a flash and with indirect daylight. I put a piece of white paper on my window sill, stick another piece to the window and pose the item in front of it. The window I use has the light coming over the 'shoulder', so to speak, of the item I'm photographing. Not brilliant but it lights thing well enough.

If you hold your bowl up to a bright light it should look deep purple (or possibly brown) if it is glass. Black glass is never actually black.

Bagley was a company who made many of their items in all of the colours, all of the sizes and all of the finishes and often with hand-painted decoration as well!


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