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I knew engraving is not high on the collector agenda, mores the pity. But I was not aware that the skills are in such dire straits!

I would suggest that people start posting more engraving from their or engravers, their own work. There are many collectors here and captivating a few hearts is a step in the right direction.

Looking at some of the work on the Guild's site shows that there is some really good work being done. Engraving on graal might be exciting but with the price of graal it will remain fairly esoteric. But the use of colours would make a difference to many collectors, I am sure.

That Whistlers work can command 5 figure sums is no surprise, stipple seen in the flesh rather than a photograph it is stunning in the subtlety of the effects that can be achieved. On the downside, there is a lot of traditional engraving and perhaps not enough ground breaking - but of course the luxury of ground breaking is not always viable.

Humour is always a delight for many but can be overdone, unfortunately good humourous pieces are usually seen after they have sold... so there is not enough? Getting into a twist there :wink:

Unlike most collected glass, engraved glass is unique objects and inevitably the price is high. Then it also faces the old snobbery battle of craft versus art. The examples on the guild site certainly show a full spread from traditional craftmaking to the finest art. but with enough exposure it could easily become fashionable again. The laser sculptures are highly popular because they are cheap and fall into the 'gift trade' category - no doubt there are already collectors studying the genre. Perhaps there are arguments for combining both laser and other forms of engraving? It would certainly allow a further spatial dimension to be included. I can imagine Dominic Fondes work with the text lasered inside the glass and engraving on both sides to illustrate it.

Anyway enough excitement for one day.


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