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Carnival punch bowl set

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Anne E.B.:
Any ideas what this might be would be much appreciated.  Just bought it this morning from a local fleamarket.  Nice orange and purple irridescence but quite a simple looking set.  The guy said "its really old, its wrapped in its original newspaper dated 1998".  I misheard him thinking and hoping he said 1898, but no such luck :lol: Had to bite my lip when he repeated it :lol:   Hopefully its a little older than that anyway :P

My guess is that its a repro.  Its shown with only 11 cups because one of the hooks is missing.

Many thanks :wink:

It might be Indiana "Harvest", though I can't see all of the pattern on this page.
Indiana Carnival

Anne E.B.:
Thanks Tigger :P   It looks very like their version, but I'm not too sure, because the Indiana Princess punch set (Harvest pattern) has a scalloped edge whereas mine is straight.  However, the patterning around the base looks the same... :?

Chuggy had a blue one. Is yours the same?,4853.0.html

Anne E.B.:
You are absolutely right Christine (Tigger too).  Thanks for the link.  Dencill had one for sale as well as Chuggy.  I wonder how Chuggy's went? They don't appear to be worth very much unfortunately and the weight makes it expensive to post.  I think I might have made a mistake buying it, but will list it just for the UK and see what happens. :? If it doesn't sell, then I'd better learn how to make punch :lol:


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