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Carnival punch bowl set

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For some more on Indiana you may find this article I wrote (it's a few years old now) a little bit of interest.


Anne E.B.:
Many thanks as always Glen :P  

Lovely pic. of you and Steve too 8)

Anne, I just had a thought. I had one of these in blue several years ago, It was in it's original box and still had the import label on it from the US and the date was sometime in the 1970's. Hope this helps.


Anne E.B.:
Thanks Pat, that ties in with Glen's article in which it says Indiana Glass introduced Carnival to their range in 1971 :P    The 'Iridescent blue' one that you had was the first Carnival colour they used and my 'Iridescent gold' was added, along with two others, in 1974.  Don't you just wish you kept everything - especially with its original packaging :roll:


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