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Art cut amber to uranium lead crystal fruit bowl. ID = Val St Lambert

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Thanks for those links M. I had considered VSL as a possibility but those you found look more sophisticated. Mine is definitely amber over uranium. not pink.

David E:
Colourwise, the first of M's links is very convincing. It mentions overlays of green, yellow and amber, but I assume the uranium is what's being mistaken for the 'green overlay'. VSL was my first thought as well for C's bowl.

Forgot to say: it's only on loan Christine...  ;D

 :P to you DE

Anne Tique:
Besides the fact that it's a nice piece, I also find this one a really tricky one... the shape of the bowl is not unfamiliar but then the pattern is ... and they did use this orange which they called 'Aurore' ...why they had to call it like that when everybody else in the world calls it orange, is a mystery to me, but that's beside the point...

All previous comments make sense, it could well be VSL .... but as mentioned before, the pattern is unusual and the symmetry not what you'd expect from this period.

From what I have been told is that they stopped the uranium crystal quite early, once they realised it could affect heath and used coloured glass instead. Therefor not much is known or left documentation wise, but usually you'd see a stronger colour, ranging front reds and  pinks, to green and different shades of blue.

I'll have a look in my books to see what else is mentioned about VSL and this type of glass once I'm back home ... I'm abroad for work at the moment..... sorry I can't be of more help for now....

I shall wait to hear from you, thank you. (I saw a VSL exhibition at the Leerdam museum and the cut to uranium stuff was to die for)


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