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Italian 'Stella Polaris' decanter?

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Oh dear, I think I've made a mistake!  I bought this 'Stella Polaris' decanter on a whim, and didn't bother to check with any books.  Now I've got it in my hands, I think it's an Italian copy.  It's impressed 'R1' on the base.

Does anyone else agree it's not the real deal?  I'm hoping I might be wrong!  Still, it only cost 99p plus postage, so it could be worse.  :x

PS:  The cupboard handle/knobs are by Adam Aaronson  :wink:  :D

I have a Stella Polaris and in comparing mine to your photo, they appear close in design.  What I did not see in yours (perhaps just not evident in the photo)were three small "bubbles" positioned among the three largest center "bubbles".  Also, the original has no stopper but then I have seen several RL decanters that have had stoppers added in later or special order productions.  Are you sure the letters you see on the base are not RL?  It would help if you took a photo straight on so the proportions are evident.  Nice decanter for the price anyway!
Alice--who adores Finnish glass from the 60-70s in yellow uranium glass!!

Max, I have one of these and always wondered. It's a little smaller than my other Stella's. However I don't really care 'cos I like it! I can't go look at it because at the moment it's packed away with most of my glass due to house remodelling etc etc.

Hi Max,  :lol:  :lol:

It seems like a few of the vases, ie. Sun bottle vase, Stella Polaris, Piironki, Emma,  etc., had variations and were also made as decanters. They are just a variation on....
I have just bought an Emma(n) decanter.

So, it seems like your Stella Polaris is actually Riihimaen Lasi Oy. Well worth your 99p IMHO.  :wink:  :lol:

Oh dear Della!  I just gave the decanter to the Oxfam shop!  :shock:  :shock:  :lol:  :evil:  :roll:


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