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Josephine Lewis:
Can I get help here to identify some Webb glass that has what appears to be silver rims and a silver initial? The pattern is not on the surface the glass itself appears to have a drape pattern in it. I have 90 pieces and not a clue as to pattern name etc. It is marked "Webb" on every piecs. I am very new to this computer lark and have no idea about chat rooms at all!

David E:
Hi Josephine and welcome to GMB.

Sounds like Webb optic ribbed to me: I have a few examples myself, but as David points out having a photo would allow definite confirmation.

David Hier:
Josephine has emailed some images to me, as she was unable to figure out how to add the images to her message.

I don't recognise the glassware, so I have posted the images online in the hope that someone else may be able to help:



Just putting my tuppenceworth in!
Is the silver letter "in" the glass actually engraving, rather than silver in the glass?

I recently found a piece of american "Cambridge" glass, which is pressed glass which has been engraved. There are loads of folk interested in collecting it in america, and there are tons of different frilly patterns engraved. The "silver" letter looks very like the "Cambridge" style of engraving.

However, Webb is an English glassmaker.

Perhaps some americans imported some Webb glass and had it engraved by Cambridge, or in that style, which was fashionable at the time?

David E:
I have some clear glass tumblers with this effect, although without the silver monogram: but it's not optic ribbed as I first thought.

Have to dash out in a minute and won't be back until later, but I'll post some comparitive photos later.

Josephine: the acid-stamp dates it between 1935 and 1949 if it has 'Made in England' circling the logo.

An example is on my web site under Labels and Marks:


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