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Art Deco Opalescent (Vaseline?) Lampshade...


I just bought this because I quite liked the shape/colour (but then who could dislike a lamp shaped and coloured like a flying zit?) and because it was inexpensive. I know nothing whatever about vaseline glass, but the colour looked right-ish to my very untrained eye.

Any clues as to maker/origin/possible vaseline-ness? I know that this was a popular shape with Danish lighting companies during the 1920's-30's, but it was probably popular elsewhere too.

I'll post some better photographs once it arrives, but for now impatience is winning over.  :D


I thought for a moment you were trying to poach mine and Leni's preserve but I don't think your flying zit is vaseline glass - could be wrong - but you need a UV light to confirm or not

I know - I'll have to hunt round the pound shops for a cheap one.

I'll wait for further pictures :-)


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