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Carnival glass bowl query


I know very little about Carnival Glass especially whether new or old. I bought this bowl for the princely sum of 50p from a charity shop today. Can anyone tell me anything about it. It is very bright on both sides and patterned on both sides. At least now I've soaked out all the grime it's very bright.

Hello Pat  :D

You have a Brockwitz (Germany) marigold bowl in the "Curved Star" (exterior design) and "Headdress" (interior design). Brockwitz name for the "Curved Star" pattern was "Zurich". It was made c. 1920s - 1930s. It has a ground base and is un-ruffled.

What a lovely purchase for 50p.


Thank you so much Glen.  I thought a new a little bit about glass until I came to this board. I know my Riihimani Ok and much Whitefriars. However like a lot of people until a few months ago I was under the impression that all Carnival glass was American duh!! Until I found all you lovely people and your sites. I am learning more bit by bit though!

Pat, you're very welcome - I am glad that I could help  :D

You're not alone in thinking that all Carnival Glass was American. Of course, it began there (well, probably....  :twisted: ) but just a couple of years after its first appearance in wholesale catalogs in the USA, it also began to be produced in Europe and soon afterwards, Australia too.

Many countries in Europe (including Scandinavia), as well as South America, Australia and India and even China, also made Carnival.



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