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Glass dish ELWELL'S Harlow, Essex

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Tony H:
Hi Everyone
I have found this small yellow glass dish, 6" across by 2" high, base is 2.25" in diameter, has a nice ring when tapped.

There is a paper label for Elwell's, a retailer I think, here are links to photos.

Would br greatful for any INFO on this,

This glass is like some of the glass on your web site, but I wont drop any names !!!

Tony H

Bernard C:

Classic Nazeing cloudy.   Harry Elwell was always their major outlet for art glass; after the war virtually the only outlet.   No pattern number, the 1930s catalogue gives Posy bowl.  Sizes 5", 7½", 10", 12", 14".   As you can see, they did not always keep to their catalogue sizes.   The shape was also made in bubbly and natural colour with rib.

Note that Elwell's labels are also found on Gray-Stan, and, possibly, on Whitefriars.

Sourced from Timberlake, 2003.

Bernard C.  8)

Tony H:
Hi Bernard
Thank you for your help, I did not expect Nazeing, it was the label that caught my interest.

Tony H

Bernard C:
Hi Tony,

You surprised me with it, as I had not expected Nazeing in NZ.   Your mushroom posy must have got there in someone's possessions or as a gift.

Anything is possible, however.   A year or two back a classic Nazeing piece from the USA turned up on eBay, acid-badged ENGLAND, proving that it must have been deliberately made for export to the USA.

Regards, Bernard C.  8)

Tony - nice to see such a good example of the Elwell label, that's a good find.

Bernard - no need to be surprised at what can found in New Zealand, There is all sorts of British glassware sitting in peoples' homes that they took with them when they emigrated. And yes, there are no doubt many items that were sent out as family gifts.

Even a rare, and very large, Paul Ysart paperweight was seen in NZ, in the 1960s, in the offices of an importer of Wedgwood Jasperware! The folk who spotted this item wrote to the importer some 20 years later, when they had become interested in paperweight collecting. It turned out that the importer had also handled Monart for a short time (I don't know which period this was) and he had obtained the weight directly form Moncrieff's in Perth.


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