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Glass dish ELWELL'S Harlow, Essex

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John Paine were importers of Monart glass and weights to NZ in the 1930's, possibly 50's too.

Needs someone in NZ to delve deeper into the company papers if they, the papers, still exist.

nigel benson:
Hello Tony,

Thanks for the link to this thread.

In my opinion the posy bowl shown here is in the catagory of unknown (see thread "Is it Clutha Glass", for other readers), since the shape is not that of Nazeing's Posy Bowl as shown in the catalogue pages in Timberlake.

Those catalogue pages only show a view of the top of the posy bowls and not their profiles. All the examples of known and documentable Nazeing, including shape, colour and finish, that I'm aware of do not have this cylinderical form to the base. Additionally the rim should be wider in proportion to the base.  

What this proves is that Elwell were selling, and therefore buying this type of glass. It takes us a step closer to finding out about these pieces, but it does not prove them to be Nazeing just because it has an Elwell label and has a similar look. Having said that, how do we know that it isn't the 'Elwell range' with the snapped off pontil's, referred to in 'Timberlake', and that I refer to in the other thread?

The answer is that we don't. To my mind this is a very useful piece of a jigsaw puzzle, but it does not answer the question catagoically.

Kind regards, Nigel

Tony H:
Can you give me somemore info on John Paine as I would like to see if there are any records about him or his company here in New Zealand

Tony H in NZ

Tony, as this is a seller's label on a posy can we add the label details to the gallery please? It'd be useful for future reference. :)

Here is a follow-up I had from one of your fellow NZ's

John Raine and Co.John Raine was a large importer of China and were agents for Wedgwood /Royal Albert and a number of other English  Manufacturers so Monart would fit quite comfortably into their product range.A close friend of mine married John Raines daughter but unfortunately they are now divorced.Jenny told me once that her parents had about 40 dinner services given to them by various principles and they had to have special cupboards made and had to make sure they used the right one when visitors from overseas were in Wellington.John Raines son who must be getting on now  lives just out of Wellington and I would be quite happy to give him a ring if you would like.As far as I know John Raine and Co moved their business to Auckland and it probably continues to operate but obviously under different management.I've no idea if the magnum paperweight is still in NZ or even if the Paperweight Society continues.If you would like me to follow up on this just let me know.

The reason I got the name wrong is this mail is part of my backlog - I did ask him to follow-up but heard no more... over to you.


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