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Whitefriars production colours

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If anyone is interested, I have compiled a year by year list of colours used by Whitefriars. There is also a summary of some of the colours, mainly those with a limited production. It can be viewed on Scroll down the home page and there is a link about half way down on the right hand side.

It covers the years 1949 - 1980

Hope it is interesting and useful....Emmi

David E:
Thanks Emmi it looks very useful.

Here's the URL:

David Hier:
Thanks for all of the information. With Whitefriars I alway find it difficult to distinguish between the colour given by the manufacturer and that given by collectors.

Thanks for making the effort to collate information from the original catalogues  :) .

Sticky anyone?

Thanks to you two Davids!!!

I hope it will help some people with more detailed identification of their items, and for correct descriptions when selling....nothing tees me off more than the fabricated colour descriptions like Ocean Blue? Moss Green? Smokey grey? Cobalt Blue?


Thanks Emmi...must have taken you some time to do that.   :D   Hopefully it'll help new collectors and old alike!   :wink:  :D


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