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Russian vaseline dessert coupe / goblet / tea glass c1850

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Bernard C:
Here's a vaseline glass rummer for attribution and dating, with friend.

See photograph gallery

I would welcome more information on this rummer or ale glass.   Even country of origin would be a major step forward.    Ideally glassworks, date, and pattern number, but I think all that is rather optimistic.   It has wear consistent with a C19 date, or possibly slightly later.

Thanks for looking,

Bernard C.

Hi Bernard,
thank you for writing directly to me also
It looks French to me.
There is a very similar one chez Raspiller, Fenne of 1881 page 62 item number 1118 - but the stem looks a little different I'm afraid.

And the friend :shock:

looks like a moray eel  8)

this one is easy for me....I already did the research!


Fedorovsk Brothers:  In the Christie's Auction catalog on Russian Works of Art, dated April 18, 1996, a photo of eight of these, including underplates, were shown.  The following text outlined the auction item: "Eight russian uranium glass dessert coupes and underplates.  Marker's mark of the Fedorvsk Brothers Factory with impressed marks, circa 1850.  Each green faceted on conforming scalloped underplates with oval cartouches: 6" high, quantity: 8.  In the mid-nineteenth century, the development of uranium glass with its bright fluorescent color caused a number of large services to be created by the Imperial Glassworks, the most important having been commissioned by Emperor Nicholas I for the cottage at Peterhof.  This spurred imitators, of whom the Brothers Feodorovsk were the most accomplished private factory."  The pre-auction estimate for the sale at Christie's was given at $1,800 - $2,500 for the 8 dessert coupes with matching underplates.  The coupe and underplate pictured here has the Russian marking on the base of the coupe.  A very similar style was also made in the United States.  In addition, not all of the Russian coupes have the Fedorovsk mark on the base.  Both the cup and the underplate are canary flint glass.

and, link to image (below), showing the matching underplate.  These usually sell for $200-250, add an extra $50 (US$) if you have an underplate.  I think I sold this one last year at our convention for $200 with underplate.  nice piece of flint glass, but not a rummer, a 'dessert coupe'.

But Bernard, you will probably keep it......after all, how many pieces of true Russian vaseline glass do you have in your collection??


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