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2 Signed 1970's Vases - Help with ID!


Hello Everyone!

I purchased this 2 vases a while ago, and been meaning to post them on here to get an idea of who made them. They are both signed. The small vase is signed "gok 1977" I think, and the taller one is signed "PROMETHEUS 78". The later one looks to be American, but have no idea of the smaller piece. It is very thick for its size, and has Pulegoso type bubbles all around, in different sizes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Svazzo,
Prometheus is probably:
Prometheus Glass, run by Greg Strellman, Louisville, KY.
Image of the base of the other might be useful. Please.

Hi Marcus!
Thanks for giving me that information.
I thought it was American, but had no idea the glass company itself was named Prometheus. Thought that was just the name given to the piece.
On the small piece, I have tried to take a few photos of the signature, but so far no luck. Because of the bubbles its hard to photograph.
I'll try a few other tricks and see if I get it this time around.

Here's the signature!

Its also really small so it was very hard to photograph... next to it you can see the "1977" I couldn't get both in the same picture.


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