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Walther Windsor Vase?

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I know that Walther made the Windsor vase (along with matching clocks etc) and I have a pink Windsor vase that is transparent pink glass in the vase with two satinized lady figurals on each side. The vase stands 8 1/2" tall and is 10 3/4" x 7" across the rim and 7" x 4" across the base. I have had blue and green vases like this in the past, always with satinized ladies

here it is for reference

Recently I found a somewhat differently shaped vase, also shorter, and ALL transparent glass, including the lady figurals. The vase stands 8 inches tall and is 11 x 8 inches across the flared rim and 7 x 4 inches across the base.

here it is

My question is whether Walther made an all transparent version of the Windsor vase and with this different flared rim and smaller size?

I have checked Pamela's site and dont see this one represented there

Thanks for any help anyone can provide to correctly ID this


I have been told (cannot remember the source) that the transparent ones are modern reproductions.

Has any one else heard this?



Have you seen this thread?,5800.0.html
It may be of some help, but probably only adds to the confusion!   :roll:

Thanks Leni

yes, I had seen that thread, but, if I read it correctly (and there is always the chance I havent) I still think that the ladies should be matt, while the rest of the vase in my first example.

The main reason that I brought this up is that I had listed the second vase as Walther and received an email telling me it was a repro. However, when I replied and asked the person to elaborate on why they felt so sure, I received no further answer :roll:

Cathy B:
Here is Siegmar Geisselberger's page on the reproduction - but you might need Pamela to translate (correction - I need Pamela to translate :)


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