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Can you ID this hanging Duck Decanter circa 1920's?

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Hi, does anybody know who manufactured this duck decanter or anything else about it? Thanks so much for the help.
Here is the link to the image: Duck Decanter

David E:
Welcome to GMB.

Can't help with the ID, but a great item and I look forward to finding out who made it :)

Thse have been around for a long time by various makers. Sold in places like Harrod's and Asprey's - I have a cat somewhere, that has one of these in. Will look for it but don't hold your breath.

I made a typo. It was supposed to be hanging decanter NOT handing decanter. Does anyone know where I can find images of similar items? The one I have came from my granny in South Africa. It may have been a wedding present.

Fixed the heading. I found my Aspreys, Harrod's and Mallett catalogues but did not find the image! It could have been in a book.

Is the metal silver? and hallmarked?


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