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Loetz Vase? Yes or No? Silver Overlay!

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Good Day All!
    I may purchase this art glass vase and would like your thoughts on it before I do. The vase is 7 inches tall and decorated with flower and vine sterling overlay. The person selling it says it attributed to Loetz glass. I haven't held the vase, have only the photo I,m sharing with you and I'm waiting for an answer on the way the base was finished, polished or sharp pontil before I do anything? While I'm waiting for an answer, I thought I'd throw my question out to the glass lovers here first! Any thoughts on the maker and possible price range for a piece like this? Thanks for your time!
Dan waiting and watching!

it's a real beauty Dan

but I am far away from judging on it I am afraid

Mike M:
A great looking piece but the photo isn't good enough to be sure.

It looks like green papillon -which is unique to Loetz I believe, but can't be sure. It needs a photo with light going through it!



Hello Mike,
I won't have a picture until the end of the week. I'll post one then. Thanks for your help.

Dan, you mention the base - if it is Loetz what are you expecting it to be like?



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