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Blue decanter help please

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I bought this because I like it and I'm a sucker for textured glass. The colour is not so green as the photo shows it a a blue/grey colour. My first instinct said Italian but then I I started thinking again and really don't know. I've seen one somewhere but can't remember where. Can anyone help please?

Similar stoppers from Holmegaard but I think it might be Italian like you say. Very Pop Art, er, if that is the right term to use.

Is the stopper hollow and does it have a small hole in it?

Don't know why I asked that actually but I'd be more willing to say it's Italian if it has. Just going off something I've seen on eBay. Probably showing myself up once again.  :roll:  :oops:

Yep the stopper is hollow with a small hole in it.

Holmegaard only really did stoppers like that for Carnaby vases.

My first instinct is Italian too. I suppose Poland might be a possibility?

I am almost certain it's not Polish. (Says she of limited knowledge). Still leaning towards Italian.


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