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A Car boot non-disaster

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For a change, I had a car boot that wasn't a disaster. Well, it's got to happen some time in my life :lol:

I think this is a Carlo Moretti vase, 13 inches high. I paid £1.50.  :roll:

This is a Bohemian rose bowl I think, not Tango as it has no applied glass. 1940's perhaps? I paid £2.

Okay, I cheated with this one, I bought this from a second hand shop for £2. Yellow Tango glass with a sharp pontil and lot's of ware to the base. Do they usually have sharp pontils? I'm not sure of age but it looks old.

This was only 50p but there is a chip to one of the glass bowls. I think it's a Dansk serving tray. Not sure of age. The faint impressed stamp says: "Danmark" But it's going downwards rather than across. Above "Danmark" is a letter "Q" which I presume is part of the initials "IHQ". All the other marks, if any, can't be seen.

Any other day I would drop a paperweight and brake something. But I didn't buy any paperweights.  :lol:

The snack tray is very likely Dansk. JHQ (rather than IHQ, as most people on eBay would have it) is Jens H. Quistgard.

I love the tray, though. It has wings! That organic kind of shape ties in quite well with Quistgard's designs in teak.

Yes Tiger, the first one is Carlo Moretti and in another color I need LOL. I have these in orange and yellow and my goal is to get one of each color although I am not sure exactly how many colors they came in. Love it Terry

A similar Dansk tray sold for £70 on ebay though it was perfect. It was also slighty bigger with 8 dishes. I can't understand why the stamp is different from the other trays though.

I did wonder why it was called IHQ, though I figured that the last letter probably stood for Quistgard. But "JHQ", that explains it, thanks.  :D

I don't know how old the company is but I think I remember that the letter "I" was often changed over to "J" (or vice versa) in the Victorian times and earlier. Or am I dreaming again.  :roll:

It's the sort of thing that would be easily missed at a car boot as it probably looks recent to most people.

I have yet to clean the Moretti vase yet, I could find something nasty.

It was interesting to see another dealer beside me buying a generic Murano bowl for £1 and not even paying any attention to the Moretti.  :lol:

It's a shame I wasn't quick enough to buy the bowl as well. Can't have everything though.  :lol:

I was quite surprised by the weight of the vase, very light. There's also no pontil but it is polished on the rim.


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